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My name is Abraham Andries van Dam. I was born in Zeist, The Netherlands. After high school, I studied and got a small degree in business. I worked about 3 years in my father's businesses. I then became an apprentice in an antiques store.
Three years later, I started my own business in Gorinchem, The Netherlands. In addition to my work, I also studied under a number of antiques experts: Mr. H. Hak, Chinese porcelain; Mr. Rief, Japanese art; and, Mr. B. Stodle, fine arts.
In emigrated to Canada in 1979 where I eventually opened an antiques store on Fort Street, Victoria, British Columbia. After 4 - 5 years working there, I emigrated to Columbia, S.C. where I opened a large antique and fine arts store and sold paintings, silver, pewter, Japanese and Chinese art and porcelain, as well as African and other ethnographic items.
After two years in Columbia, I started importing from Hungary and the Czech Republic. Also, I became a consignee and apprentice to Dr. Alfred Bader, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Dr. Bader was one of the foremost experts in Rembrandt and his followers. I also developed a strong friendship with Dr. Bob Jones, Jr., Greenville, S.C. For more than 20 years we studied, discussed and critiqued Old Master paintings, mainly Italian.
In 1999, my wife and I moved to Camden, S.C., where, after a few years, opened a large store, where we continued to sell fine art and a diverse collection of antiques, until 2013, when we sold the store. Still I am engaged in selling my large inventory of antiques and fine art and have an active client base. I definitely make very reasonable deals and want to know what clients desire for their collection(s).


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